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New tenants for multiple environments


My organisation has recently adopted Auth0 for our latest project and we’re trying to setup a tenant for each environment, as per

We’ve successfully created multiple tenants, and can switch between them via the top-right drop down menu. We currently have Production and Development tenants.

However, I’ve noticed the Production tenant is under a Developer subscription (paid), but our Development tenant is on the free trial.

How do we include our Development tenant within our paid subscription? Or can you only have one tenant per account?


Click “Help & Support” at the top of the screen, then “Tenants”. Each Tenant has a gear icon that you can click. From there you can assign an environment tag to each tenant.


Hi Mark,
Thanks for your response. We’ve selected our environment tags.

Just to clarify, I’m asking how many tenants you can have per subscription.

My Production tenant is under “Subscription: Developer” however my Development tenant is under “Subscription: Trial” - thus, can you only have one tenant per subscription?


It may depend on the subscription. We have an Enterprise subscription and I have been able to create and destroy tenants as needed. I have 7 under that subscription right now, though only one is production.


Hey @andrewf!

There is no limit on the number of tenants that a user can create, however one self service subscription (developer or developer pro) can only have one tenant .

Hope it helps!

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