How many production tenants per subscription?

Just been looking at the tenant architecture options here. It’s not clear to me whether or not more than one production tenant is possible:

“So you will need to decide how many different production tenants you will require. Most companies only need a single production tenant, but if you have a set of applications for just employees, you may want a separate tenant for that. In some situations, you may also need different production tenants for different customer user communities.”

Only one tenant per subscription can be set as the production tenant.”

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Depends on your Subscription. For Dev/Dev PRO yes you can only have one production tenant (one with your CC details on it). If you have enterprise subscription and you ned more than one production tenant please contact your Technical Account Manager.

On Dev/Dev PRO plans you are allowed child tenants but those are non-production tenants. Here is the policy for Child Tenant


Thanks @ashish, that explains it.


Glad you’re aware of that now Tarry!

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