Default application logo doesn't show anymore

  1. The default logo showed.
  2. I changed it to a custom logo.
  3. I deleted the app.
  4. I deleted the image from S3.
  5. I created a new app.
  6. The logo 404’s looking for the S3 url.

I’ve tried clearing cache, looking in Private browser, looking in a different browser, etc.

I want the old default logo to show.

I can confirm the “Application Logo” setting is empty…

Why have these forums? Users are more likely to get help from StackOverflow than split the community between here (dead) and StackOverflow.

I’ve written two questions and never get a response. What a waste of time.

Hey @corysimmons!

Firstly I would like to kindly ask you not to use such tone as one of our code of conduct rules is that every user of this forum respect each other.

This community is not dead. As you can see there are lots of messages from our developers that get discussed and are addressed however the number is so big that with current bandwidth we’re simply not able to help all developer instantly so please do understand that as we do our best. Sometimes those scenarios are not 1-0 cases where you can solve the issue with one answer, they require debugging, reproducing and lots of interactions which takes time as every development process

I’m super sorry that we haven’t addressed your issues yet so please let met start investigating it for you.

I need more info than you provided. What technology do you use to build the app? Maybe the thing is not coming at all from our side but from Amazon. Let’s dive into it!

Can you send me your tenant name and admin tenant email so I can take a look at it?

Thank you, really appreciate your understanding and sorry for any inconvenience!