Custom logo isn't showing up

I want to customize my UI, so based on the documentation (, I did the following:

![alt text][1]

But for some reason, the image doesn’t show up, and i keep getting the default one.

So basically, I did almost exactly as the react/redux with Auth0 example (redux-auth0/index.js at master · auth0-blog/redux-auth0 · GitHub).
and right before line 6, I’ve added the option variable as shown in the previous image. But for some reason I still get the default image which is this one:

alt text

Can you update the question and resubmit/upload the missing image. As it stands, the question does not have sufficient information to provide a definitive answer. You may be configuring the logo at the wrong place or at insufficient places, but you should provide more information.

@jmangelo , here you go, can you please help me fix this

I did a quick test with the same exact options used in the screenshot you included and the logo was changed to the one available at If this is not working for you try to change other UI related options like primaryColor; if the changed color also does not reflect in your application you’re likely doing something that leads to the options in question not being used. Using the browser developer tools ensure that the instance of Lock being shown is really the one you’re customizing and that the changed options are really there.