Dashboard admin account locked

Hi Auth0 community,
We have a problem with one of our Dashboard Admins unable to login into his account.
His user has pending email verification and pending MFA enrolment. This seems to block him from using password reset functionality.

Following email verification link for his account that we fetched from Dashboad Admin page doesn’t work.

We tried removing his user from our tenant and then adding him back. However, this didn’t help because his user account persisted it’s state.

We couldn’t find a way do disable his enrolment in MFA.

Issue seems to be similar to one described here administrator account block however in this case user did enrol into multi-factor authentication

How can we unblock the account? Perhaps, there is a way he can delete his account and recreate a new one?

Thanks in advance for any help you are able to provide.


Please submit a ticket through the Auth0 Support Center(https://support.auth0.com/). We will be happy to assist you with this.

I’m having this same issue, but I’m unable to create a ticket.

Working with @mortonanalytics in this topic to get their challenge resolved. Closing topic due to previous context with original poster/support.