Newly created dashboard admin is blocked, how do I unblock?

I am an admin for our dashboard application. I wanted to add a new develop on our team as an admin as well.

When he tried to log into, it says he’s blocked. I deleted his account and re-added it, and also re-added it as a dashboard admin. The “tenant” page says his account is pending, but when he tries to log in, it says he is blocked. I don’t see anywhere I can unblock him. He is not listed as blocked under “actions” and under Identity Provider Attributes the “blocked for” array is empty

He can log into our application just fine (logs says he’s logged in ~5 times). It seems he’s blocked from Auth0 itself, and I have no idea how to fix that.

Dashboard users are handled separately from users of a specific tenant, so these two identities are unrelated.

The user can request a password change while trying to log in: a successful password change will remove the block.

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