Unblock dashboard admin after failed login attempts

Could you help us unblock a dashboard admin user please. He has the “blocked for too many attempts” message.


Hey there!

If you have another dashboard admin then they should be able to unblock the other one.

Thanks for your reply Konrad.

On the “Dashboard Admin” list there are no buttons to do this? Only delete? We have tried deleting and adding the person, but this does not solve the problem, We believe his IP is locked out?

Gotchya! Pretty much in this very scenario our Brute Force Protection got activated. He should receive an email soon and be able to unblock.


This is the error… it has been there for over 24 hours now?

Screenshot 2020-12-10 135328

That helps a lot! Can you let me know if it’s possible for you as an administrator to remove the block via the Dashboard (by clicking unblock for all IPs under the ACTIONS button when viewing the user’s details) or by using the Management API?

I cant see any action facility under this view? …

You need to click on this particular user and then you’ll have a red ACTIONS button and there should be the unblock option.

There is no action, no click event on any user anywhere along the row. Only Delete.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Let me confirm the process here with the team!

Sorry for all the confusion. In order to unblock that dashboard admin I need you to send me the tenant name and that person email address via private message here in the forum as we need to confirm your identity and unblock.

You can do that by clicking on my avatar and hitting the blue message button!

Seriously? The solution is to contact Auth0 directly? Why isn’t there a way for an admin to unblock one of their users?

Hey there!

Sorry for inconvenience but unfortunately such feature is not there yet.

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