Customize Redirect URL for New Universal Login

Hello! We want to customize the Redirect URI. We are using the New Universal Login and using the Password change ticket.
I have already seen this - link

But we have a requirement where we need to be able to redirect to a link with query params.
I have added the Login page URI on the TenantSettings > Advanced > Tenant Login URI. The URI we want to redirect to is not the default login URI that was added in the tenant settings.

Can this be done?

We are transitioning from Lock and the Lock widget allowed us to set the redirect on Password reset.

Hi @dheerajdhall2709,

Can you provide an example of the behavior you would like to see?

Hello @dan.woda

  1. The User signs up and is sent an email which asks them to login, upon clicking the link they are redirected to the Reset Password page
  2. Upon Resetting the password the user is sent to the Login page, which is a deep link. which we are currently building through the password change ticket.
  3. Once the user finishes login they are sent to a specific part in the application and not the dashboard - This is utilizing the deep link that was set earlier.

Our Tenant settings have the Login URI set under Tenant Login URI.
Which for example is

The use-case I am referring to would have the URI set to

Thanks for the additional context.

If I understand you correctly, you would like to add params to the default login URI used by the password reset. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible from what I can find.

The only way I can think of would be to add some app_metadata to the user during signup, then append it to the token and redirect based on that.

How do you determine where the user should be redirected?

edit: you could also use state to redirect the user, but this may not work with your flow.

Thanks for your answer Dan. Apologies for the late reply I was down with the flu.

The state parameter can be utilized with the new Universal Login?

Upon password reset the new reset password page shows a button, the button does not show if the Tenant Login URI is not set. Also, the button is linked to that URI.

I am unsure how would state fit here.