Redirect users to application after reset password with custom template

Hey there,

I’m using the “New Universal Login Experience” but I’ve enabled the “Customize Password Reset Page” in BrandingUniversal LoginPassword Reset.

I’m generating a reset ticket through the management API and have the “Application Login URI” set in the Application as well as in Tenant Settings.

My problem is that the management API does not accept the result_url when generating the ticket and after resetting the password no button appears for the user to be able to navigate to the application.

I have this set up in a child tenant but without the Reset Password Customization and it works just fine.

Can anyone tell me how can I have a customized reset password page and be able to redirect the user to the application after he has reset?

Thanks a lot

Hi @serpa,

Hopefully I can help clear things up:

If you are customizing the password reset page, you are using Classic Universal Login.

Application Login URI only controls the password reset redirect if you are using New Universal Login.

What happens when you send the result_url param? Is there an error?

Hey there!

It looks like my problem was that I was sending the client_id while sending the result_url and they conflict.

Removed client_id and its working fine!


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Great! Glad you found a resolution.

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