Custom domain for trail period

I have created a trail account in auth0. I need to test custom domain in this account. If the custom domain works as I expected then I wish to upgrade my account to Developer Pro. But is there a way to test this feature without upgrading to paid plans within this trail period ?

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Within the trial period you should be able to test all features including those from the enterprise tier.

Do I need to pay if I subscribe to any of the paid plans during trail period ?

Yep if you opt for some specific plan yes. The aim of the trial period is to let you play with all features from all tiers and then after that time you either stay with free or move to the paid one but if you decide eaarlier about some plan then you start paying for it earlier.

Ok thanks for the reply. But how do I enable custom domain while in trial period?

Here’s the doc on that:

But when I open the custom domain tab in tenant settings it is prompting to upgrade my subscription.

Gotchya. Then you unfortunately need to switch to a paid tier to test that out

So we cant test this with our trail account right ? So Currently I am in trail period and when I upgrade a plan to any paid tier does my trail period is still be valid or the moment I paid on wards I will be switched to paid plan?

I discussed it with the team and you should be able to test that out on trial even though the docs might be a bit misleading. What I would do is to go down the road configuring it and then if it requires getting to paid I will simply keep the trial one. For sure we won’t charge you for anything until you agree for that.

So will you configure my trail account in such a way so that I can test custom domain on it ? In my account it is showing like this.

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Terribly sorry for the inconvenience. I just created a new account for myself to test this out and indeed there is no way to configure custom domains on free tier and test it.

You need to switch to one of our paid tier to be able to test that and once you switch you only have access to the features that are available under thee tier you’ve chosen.

Ok. When I switch to paid plan will it be active on that moment or after the trail period ?

Once you switch to paid plan it will invalidate the trial and let you use the tier you’ve chosen.

Ok. So if I upgraded to Developer tier with 23$ plan I will be able to test this feature right ?

Yes. That is correct.

Ok thank you so much for the reply.

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No worries! We’re here for you!

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