Custom Domain Stops Working

During testing of a new application, we used an Auth0 account with a couple tenants (for different environments). One of those tenants made use of a custom domain. After fighting with it to get it to work, we were able to do that and haven’t had any problems with it. Then when ready to push to production, we created a new account and in that tenant set up a custom domain. We created a new account because in testing we delete users a lot and we can’t figure out the rhyme or reason as to what tenant is chosen on load, so we didn’t want to risk deleting production users.

So, with the new account/tenant, we set up the custom domain (in fact set everything up like our working test tenant). Everything was working until out of nowhere, we were unable to login in production. Upon investigation, we found that when we clicked ‘test’ on our custom domain, it said it is not configured properly (even though it was working before). So, we deleted the custom domain, re-added it, changed the CNAME record, etc. Then click ‘test’, says all is good and we are able to login fine. This was fine for 1.5 days and then out of nowhere, it stopped again. Says custom domain is misconfigured.

Reached out to support, but responses are crazy slow (even for our production application).

Anybody else having this problem?

Probably a silly question but if you used the same custom domain in the new tenant that you were using in the old tenant, did you completely remove the custom domain configuration from the old tenant?

it is a different domain

– and just for a bit of clarification, our local development environments don’t make use of a custom domain, but our stage does (hosted at a different domain entirely)

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