Trial vs free plan

I have trial subscription as i signed up today. As per features, i should be able to use custom domain feature. but the tab says it is not available

As per docs, it should be available with trial version

Is there any docs mentioning the difference between trial and free plan? And how do i know what is my plan?

Hey there!

I need to confirm that but when having trial version for ~20 days you should have access to all enterprise features. Let me confirm all that and get back to you soon!


If you want to check on what plan you’re on you need to login to your dashboard then in the upper left corner click on your tenant and then quota utilisation. There you’ll find the tier you’re on. We don’t have a doc comparing free and trial tiers.

Can you share with me a screenshot where it shows that you cannot use custom domains?

I confirmed from Quota Utilization page, it says subscription type is free. Do i need to do anything to turn on trial version?

I shared the snapshot in the question. It says, This feature is not available for free plans. To configure a custom domain, please upgrade your account to any paid plan

Still waiting for final confirmation on that one. Let me get back to you once I have it. Thank you!

Just got the information. It seems that the UI is not updated but unfortunately custom domains are not available on trial and free plans

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