Tenants and Subscriptions

Problem statement

As indicated in this documentation: Set Up Multiple Environments, we have created our development, staging, and production environments/tenants and upgraded our subscription to a paid plan from the Dashboard. However, when switching tenants and trying to do things like adding a custom domain, the Dashboard shows a warning saying:

“This feature is not available for free plans. To configure a custom domain, please upgrade your account to any paid plan”.

Is the paid subscription applied to the whole account or tenant-wise?



For Self-Service accounts, every tenant has a separate subscription plan.


Linking Multiple tenants under a single subscription is only available for the Enterprise subscription plan.

For Self-Service accounts (subscriptions managed from the Dashboard), every tenant has its own subscription—hence, separate billing details, quotas, etc. Consequently, the subscription must be managed separately for each tenant from the Dashboard > Settings > Subscription tab.