Auth0 - Do we need to avail a new paid plan for each tenant to use custom domain?

Hi there,

This is more of a general question (subscription plan) and we would appreciate to get some answers from the community for us to provide these with our management team.

Our team is currently working on a project where we are using Auth0 for its authentication (awesome by the way :slight_smile: ). We wanted to use custom domain for each of our tenant where as of the moment we only have 1 live client thus 1 tenant. We have read this link on how to configure it and everything works fine.

Now, we have a new client and we wanted to create a new tenant again with its own custom domain. However, we need to enter a new billing information. Hence, we have the following questions:

  1. We have availed B2C - Essentials (1K users) as we are still testing under waters how many users we might have for our project. Is the subscription plan tied-up to a tenant? Is it not possible to share it with other tenants as 1K users is kind of overkill with our first client which estimated to have <50 users.
  2. Regarding the custom domain, does this mean we need to avail new paid plan for each tenant that we will be creating to use this feature? Again, this brings us back to our concern in item #1.
  3. What plan is highly recommended if we will be more likely to have N number of tenants with their respective custom domains?

Thanks again and cheers!

Hi @junbetterway,

Thanks for reaching out with a detailed post about your questions!

Would you please reach out to our sales team? They will be able to provide you with information regarding pricing and subscriptions. This way you can get a quote to bring to your management team. Thank you!

Hi @dan.woda thanks for your reply. We would reach out to the Sales team then. However, just want to confirm that the expectation in Auth0 is that per tenant we need to avail a subscription plan to use custom domain right? Thanks!


I think it depends on the subscription type, but I donโ€™t know for sure. The sales team will have all the answers for you. :smile:

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Ok great. Thanks for your help on this @dan.woda - cheers!

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