Questions about pricing and features

I would like to understand better the subscription I need. I’m looking at dev pro tops, I already discussed Enterprise but it won’t work for us.
The “complex” features I would like to use are:

  • Custom Database (if possible, I understand this is enterprise), or migration DB otherwise (can I still set some of the action scripts in this case?).
  • Duo Authentication (I think this is the Pro MFA feature in DevPro).
  • Custom Domains
  • Custom Email Template

If I understand correctly, excluding custom DB, all other features should be in developer pro, is that correct?
On the other hand, I have a tenant set up with a free subscription. The “testing” period where I can try paid features is over, yet I can still use all these features (custom DB, email templates, duo auth rule, and so on). Why is that?

Hi @ffabre,

Sorry for the delay. With most pricing questions it is best to contact our sales team via the orange button in the nav bar.

But I will try my best to address them:

You are correct this is enterprise. DB migration is dev tier and up.

Correct :+1:

Both features are Dev and up.


During the trial period all features are available, and after that use of the features will trigger a warning (I think it is via email).

Hope this helps!

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