Confused by the pricing info

So we are considering getting a Developer subscription, but there is some confusion due to some conflicting information regarding rules.

The pricing page states that the Developer subscription includes all free features, and if you hover “free features” it among other things says “Unlimited Serverless Rules”. Just under that, it says “Up to 5 rules”, while in the Dashboard only the Entity Policy limit of 10 rules is mentioned.

We have 10 rules currently, so we need to know if us getting a Developer subscription will suddenly disable 5 rules and cripple our auth pipeline…

Does anyone know?

Hey there!

Thanks for reporting that! Yes in some cases our pricing can be misleading. Let me research that and get back to you shortly!

That is weird as the entity limits doc says that being on a paid tier you can create up to 100 rules:

Let me discuss it with the pricing team to get a final confirmation!

Got a confirmation on this one. Once your number of rules you created will go over the tier / plan limit you will be notified about that and you just won’t be able to create another rule, but the ones you already created will be working without any interference.

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Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

No worries! We’re here for you!