Employee limit for Development

I’m confused about the pricing and limits for non-Enterprise.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m evaluating a Tenant-per-Customer approach as described here. My plan would be to use a Self-Service Subscription (not Enterprise) each one with a single Production Tenant.

What is not clear to me, are how the Limits are applied. Here it is state that limits apply to all tenants with Self-Service subscriptions. Are those limit per-Subscription or across all Subscription a company has?

The same are for the Subscription Limits in the pricing page. For example the 10 Actions limit of the ‘Professional’ tier are per-Subscription. So, each ‘Customer’ with its dedicated Subscription can have up to 10 Actions, correct?

The ‘Employee’ is limit is the striking one. It states that if any Employee that logs into any Application, this requires an Enterprise tier.
Do this account also for ‘Developement/Testing’ purposes?
By how is phrased, for an Employee to login during Development or Testing in the Production Application, Enterprise tier is required …

This doesn’t make much sense otherwise all other tiers are not usable, but I couldn’t find any clarification. I’d understand if this is tied to ‘Application developed for Employee usage’, aka ‘Internal’ applications but no references to this.
Could you point me to the Terms of Service or any other documentation that clarifies the definition of this Employee limit definition?

Hi @kaildio,

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Yes, that is correct. The limit would be applied to that tenant’s subscription.

It sounds like you may be referring to Auth0 Dashboard Admin, those limits can be found further down in the pricing page:

I would encourage you to engage with one of our sales team, as they are the ones to ultimately handle pricing. You can request contact here.

Thanks for the clarifications.

I’m referring to Developers who logins into the Application they are developing/releasing for Debugging or Testing purposes and not for using it as an “Internal”-facing application like an ECommerce BackOffice.

For QA purpose, Developers need to login into the Application as a User but the ‘Employee’ specification forbit it for non-Enterprise tiers. Looks like those tiers are only for self-employed owners, not even for small companies.

I don’t think this would count as employee logins. I know many of our self-service customers create test users for their applications without any issue.

With that said, it is always best to reach out to our sales team with these questions, as they will have better information regarding pricing for specific scenarios. This forum is more focused on technical issues (occasionally clarifying a pricing topic :smile:).

Reaching out via the link I posted will also ensure any discussion on this matter is linked to your account and can be referenced if there is an issue in the future.

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