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Change an Application's domain to a custom one

I wanna switch over or at least test switching over to a custom domain. In the tenant settings I note that a previous employee (of my company) has already sorted out the custom domain I want (I test and its happy) but how do I get my applications to start using it?

When I go to domain in the application settings the field is greyed out and I cannot set it.

Hey there @simon.tamman, it looks like you are trying to get more familiar with Custom Domains. Below I have linked out documentation regarding them as well as a blog article. It’s important to note that the feature is not available for free plans. Which means to be able to configure a custom domain you have to upgrade your account to any paid plan. Please let me know if this helps you in your quest.

So it turns out my custom domain was fine I just needed to trust in it. An application’s “domain” setting is orthogonal to custom domains and will work fine with a custom domain.

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Fantastic @simon.tamman, i’m glad it all came together!

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