Custom domain for enterprise startup plan

I am of Auth0 1 year started plan

We have added a custom domain, Tested it works just fine

But We I go into an application that uses an old auth0 domain, It greys out and I can’t change it to the custom domain I just added, What might the problem be? Can you please assist me with this?

Hey there!

Sure! I need your tenant name and email to troubleshoot that. Can you send me those details via private message here in the forum? Just click on my avatar to access my public profile and there should be a blue message button for that. Thank you!

Can you explain something to me or provide me with additional context so I can help you? When you say that you added a custom domain and tested it and it worked what app do you refer to later when you say that you cannot change the domain to custom domain? You talk about different app?

Hi Konrad

I added the custom domain through the branding part but if I come now into my application so as I can change the domain into new added domain its greyed out and I can’t seem to change it

I looked at resources online, the most common reason is If you’re on a free plan but we also already enrolled into Auth0 startup plan

Let me know If you need any further information

Yep that is correct on startup plan you should be able to use custom domains. Have you followed this doc when enabling the custom domains?

Yes I used CNAME and already enabled email notification to use custom domain but when it comes to changing app domain I can’t

It’s greyed out , I can only copy

Okay gotchya! I’m gonna discuss it with our engineering team and get back to you shortly!

Hey there!

I was told by the team responsible for establishing Startup tier to let you know to open a support ticket so our engineers can figure it out with you. You should be able to utilise our standard support level.

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