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Contents of password_complexity_options object?


password_complexity_options is listed in the docs in several places, but I don’t see anywhere that defines what it contains or possible options.


  "options": {
    "password_complexity_options": "object",
Hosted password reset page with custom length password at connection level not working

Hi @jim.pruetting,

I believe the only option available for password_policy_options is password length. Here’s a connection I created where I changed the min password length to 10 characters:

      "passwordPolicy": "excellent",
      "password_dictionary": {
        "enable": true
      "password_no_personal_info": {
        "enable": true
      "password_complexity_options": {
        "min_length": 10

All other password policy options are determined by the passwordPolicy attribute, set by the slider in the connection configuration.

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