Password Strength of Username-Password-Authentication via python

Is it possible to configure the “Password Strength” of Username-Password-Authentication via python?

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Hi Shilpa, Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

You can use the management API to modify the password complexity

For the database connections :!/Connections/patch_connections_by_id

They are same as provided on the dashboard :

Connections -> Database-> Password Policy -> Password Strength

Further to it I think you can use this SDK:

Have a look and let me know how you go!



Thanks Sidharth, But what if i need to update “password_complexity_options” and inside that * [ min_length ] . Is this possible via python.

Hey @shilpa.kumar

Did you check the documentation on the python sdk shared above?
It has a specific example of connection update, and I think you need to provide the same body structure as you would provide to a patch connection management API.

for password complexity, which would be something like:
password_complexity_options: {min_length: 3}

Along other params.

Thanks Sidharth. That helped

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