Set up script for Auth0 password reset

Hello everyone, so excited to join the community!

I’m an user admin in my organization and I’m constantly requested to set up custom made passwords for the members, sometimes in a bulk so it is really time consuming going one by one in the dashboard and changing their password so I was thinking if it is possible to set up a script with Python so I can simply inject the IDs and their respective passwords into the database using the access management api key so they are automatically changed, I follow the info from here (!/Users/patch_users_by_id) but I’m not really sure where to begin, do you have any ideas?

Hi @rcubero85

This isn’t what you want to hear, but my idea is “don’t do it”!

Setting passwords for users and then sending them the password is a security vulnerability.

You can update users (even their passwords) via the management API. The only trick is to get an access token. There’s a python SDK that helps a lot here.