Not able to set custom password length for Excellent policy level

I’m failing setting custom password length for the excellent level. The level defaults at 10 chars. We need 18. I can see that everything works in the playground while I set it, but it still defaults to 10 while I try to sign up.

There’s also no passwordLength key in password policy options object in the API.

  "id": "con_9dKKcib71UMRiHHW",
  "options": {
    "password_history": {
      "enable": true,
      "size": 5
    "password_dictionary": {
      "enable": true,
      "dictionary": [
    "password_no_personal_info": {
      "enable": true
    "passwordPolicy": "fair"
  "strategy": "auth0",
  "name": "MySQL",
  "enabled_clients": [


Hey, you need to set both the passwordPolicy and password_complexity_options.min_length parameters which looks like this

“options”: {
“passwordPolicy”: “excellent”,
"password_complexity_options": {
** “min_length”: 18**
** }**

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Thank you a lot Danco for sharing that knowledge here!

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