Company Logo Display Is Confusing and Inconsistent

In general, Auth0’s user interface is smart and polished. One area it falls down on significantly ls how it makes use of company logos. Consider the following three screenshots. Admittedly one is in the admin portal, but still, all four are wildly inconsistent with one another, and three are badly broken, all generated from the same image. Moreover the only one that works only actually works because I padded the image itself with whitespace. When I first uploaded it cropped to the edge of the letters in our logo, the M and E in MACHINE where off the edges of the dialog box.

If you’re going to present the image on both white and nearly black backgrounds, you need to offer people the option to upload more than one logo image, and you should really provide clear guidelines on the size and shape constraints. The example in the first screenshot is from the error page when you try to use the back button to return to a password reset URL after changing a password, and clearly needs mending. There are other pages, like the “password successfully changed” page which don’t display the company logo at all. I’m not sure to what extent all of this is because I’m using the beta login experience, but company logos definitely need some love in the version I’m using :slight_smile:

Error page. Chopped, too small and nearly opposite background to login page.

Default email template. Way too small, and opposite background to login page.

Login page. This one works

Dashboard. Squashed and Blurry

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Yeah, this is still as much of a problem as it was when I reported it, as you can see from the above screenshots - it still behaves that way. I’m surprised other users haven’t kicked off about it to be honest, in most other regards Auth0’s UI is pretty polished so it’s handling of customer logos is really sloppy by comparison. and there’s absolutely no way as far as I can tell to provide one single logo image that displays consistently and sensibly at all sizes in all backgrounds. I get the impression from the way the system is designed that you expect all logos to be circular or at least square, like an app icon. Our company logo doesn’t particularly lend itself to that shape.

I’m not particularly angling for any one specific solution here, just that in the overall it is possible to provide a logo image or set of logo images that render at a sensible size and dimensions, legible against light or dark backgrounds in all scenarios where it’s displayed. If of course I’m mistaken about the limitations of the existing system and you can provide advise to improve presentation as it currently stands I’m all ears.

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I placed such product feedback to our product team. The way it works is that the user file such feedback and is contacted within 10 business days by one of our product managers. Whether the thing that was requested will be implemented or not it simply depends on the number of users that request it compared to other feature requests and number of people requesting them.

Passed all the feedback you presented here along with the context. Terribly sorry for the inconvenience!