Logo cut off in 'something went wrong'


As seen in the screenshot below, our company logo seems to be cut off in the ‘something went wrong’ page.


How can I fix it?


Hi @nati,

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Can you please provide a full screenshot of the window so I can see what page this is on? I will need to try to reproduce this issue to resolve it.

Hi @dan.woda

Of course, here it is:

I don’t know if that’s relevant, but our logo is rectangle shaped as you can see.

Can you try formatting as a square? The docs recommend 150px by 150px.

Thank you, it worked.

However, I want to use a rectangle logo in the “device confirmation” page, and it appears to use the same logo. How can I change it so that in the something went wrong page the square logo will be used, and in the device confirmation anothe rlogo will be used?

It only supports a single logo at this time.


Then perhaps can I edit the html content for the device confirmation page, like the customizable login pages?

Thanks for all of your help @dan.woda !

Can you please post a screenshot of the page you are referring to?

Of course, this is the page:

Thanks for the added information. Unfortunately, you are unable to directly edit the HTML of a prompt with New Universal Login.

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