How to update logo on Reset password screen and Password changed successfully screen?


I can see logo (set on Universal login) on Forgot Password screen.
After entering username and clicking on continue this will take us next screen.
That screen doesn’t have logo. Verify below screenshot.

Change password screen also have logo set on Universal login but when we change password next screens comes without logo. Verify below screenshot

I want to add that logo on those screens. How can I do that?

Please help.

Hey there,

Here you can find the options for customising those:

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Thanks for response.
But this doesn’t solve my problem.
I gone through Password Reset Page section and it has option to customize page.
But in script section Auth0ChangePassword has dictionary with successMessage which displays as “string”.

I want to customize that successMessage section and display a logo or link with success message.
I tried to add HTML content to successMessage but that also displayed as “string”

Please verify screenshots added in original question.

If it’s stated in the docs that you can only use string then I believe there’s no way to insert your own image there, but I highly encourage you to leave it as a feature request for our product team via our feedback site:

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