Customize password reset confirmation page

Hi there,

I read on Skipping reset password confirmation dialog that it is not possible to skip the reset password confirmation dialog.

But is it possible to change and customize it?

Context: We send users into the password reset flow after invitation to set their own password for the first time. In those cases, we would prefer to not show the confirmation page at all. But if we have to, then we would at least change the wording to something like “account activated” instead of “password changed”.

Hi @spickermann

This doc explains how you can customize the prompts: Customize New Universal Login Text Prompts

You should be able to customize the wording via the Dashboard or Management API for the reset-password prompt → reset-password-success screen

Thanks @gparascandolo for your answer.

Unfortunately, there is no reset-password-success prompt available on the Branding / Universal Login / Advances Options page. And when reading the docs, it feels like there is no generate user variable available (at least not for the reset-password prompt) which would allow me to customize the text depending on if the user ever signed in before or is an newly invited user.

Hi @spickermann

For clarification, you should be able to customize the prompt by going to Branding > Universal Login > Advanced Options > “Custom Text” tab.
Then you will need to select reset-password under the “Prompt” dropdown, and then select reset-password-success under the “Screen” dropdown. Here you can updates the eventTitle from “Password Changed!” to something else.

However, I think you are correct that you will not be able to customize the text based on a user variable. According to Auth0 docs, the user variable is only available on pages rendered after a user authenticates.

I missed this detail in your original post. Might be helpful to update the eventTitle to a generic “Success!” message since you won’t be able to distinguish between existing users or invited users.


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