Dynamically change prompts on password reset screen

Our application creates users using the managment API. We send them an email verification link, which redirects them to the password reset after. This works well, but the prompts are confusing to the user because they have never set a password, so they are wondering why they have to ‘reset it’.

I know I can customize the text prompts of the new Universal login using the dashboard, or the API, but that won’t work, as I would like it to set ‘Set your FIRST password’ if they are coming from the URL we send them, and ‘Reset your password’ if they manually initiate the flow.

I think this could be accomplished if I could add some URL parameters to the password reset ticket URL. However, I can’t seem to find any documentation on using URL parameters to change the text on the reset screen of the new Universal login.

Is this possible?

Hey there, welcome to the Auth0 Community!

The Management API is a good direction!

The New Universal Login is rendered on the server side, but adding some dynamics is possible by leveraging:

  • Page Templating and Liquid conditioning where context variables are used to impact how the Login Page is rendered. It looks like the relevant variable here would be the prompt ones which refer to a specific step in the login flow.
  • Page Template code samples and more insight around the topic in the Customize New Login Pages docs;

Please let us know if that helps you build a customised login flow!

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