Company Logo / Application Logo


Under Application, the application logo can be an open http url, however, under Universal login, the company logo is forced to be https url.


That’s really annoying and inconsistent as I have no way to put a logo on an https url and the logo from the http url displayed just fine in the login screen. Now it won’t.

Why force httpS for a logo? Really?

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Let me reach out to Universal Login product manager and find more about it.

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So basically both should be https. Login pages are rendered with https and you should not have http/https content in the same page

Mmm, ok, so I guess I need to find a way to put the logo to a ssl link.
It would be great if we could upload our logo into the Auth0 system. That would be much better!

BTW, can you please look at this post and comment:


Will look into that soon as I’m working on a couple of other threads. Thank you for patience!

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