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How to customize logo for Universal Login?



I am using Universal Login for my app.

I want to customize the logo that’s displayed on the login screen. Similar to how has done it on their site. (To see what I mean, go to their website and click the “Account” link at the top)

Here’s what I’ve tried: after logging in, I’ve gone to Applications, and went into the Settings screen of the app that I’m interested in. I’ve set a URL in the Application Logo field. The URL is a valid one that points to a 150x150 image.

However when I run my app and access the login page, I’m still stuck with the default Auth0 logo. Here’s a [link]
Is there anything I may have missed?



The Universal Login allows for customisation, including logo, found on this page:


Hey @ttchuah!

In the meantime please refer to the docs that @jeremy.meiss sent (solution provided there will certainly work). You should have been able to achieve what you want by following the steps you took. I’ll dig into it and will get back to you with an update!


Hey @ttchuah again!

I placed product feedback regarding changing app logo in the application settings. Please refer to the docs above.

Sorry for inconvenience!