Login browser/window stays open in Android & iOS Xamarin.Forms


The login mechanics work well in Xamarin Forms for both iOS and Android, however, the login window that opens in default browser remains open after successful login.

How do I force the login screen to close after successful login?
Specifically for Xamarin.Forms in both iOS and Android

This is my code snippet that instantiates and launches the login screen(s):

        var auth0Client = new Auth0Client(new Auth0ClientOptions
            Domain = "mycompany.auth0.com",
            ClientId = "abc-123-xyz",
            Scope = "openid profile email" //"openid profile email"                

        var loginResult = await auth0Client.LoginAsync(); //launch login screen and user logs in
        RetrieveUserDetails(loginResult); //after login
        return loginResult.IdentityToken;

On another note - It has also come to my attention that a popup login page in a browser will NOT be accepted by Apple.

Has this been amended in Auth0 SDK to use a native form within one’s app? Asking as it has been a known limitation for some time and I’d like to know if this has been addressed.

auth0 REALLY needs to put out a full and correct login implementation sample in Xamarin forms as there are so many Xamarin developers wanting to use your service(s). The lack of detailed how-tos for Xamarin Forms, including fully complying with Apple certification standards, is appalling really.


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You’ve really helped me on past issues, I wonder if you know much about this or have information that you can share. Please see above post.

Apart from closing the browser after login, this also has me concerned:

I’m not sure if this has been addressed. There does not seem to be any readily available info.


Can someone at Auth0 kindly reply to this? Anyone? @konrad.sopala?

agree, Please someone at Auth0 reply to this thread. We’ve used the web pop up logins for too long and are looking to create a custom login page like we do with our native apps. Please let me know if this is possible.

@konrad.sopala - any comments on this issue posted above?
Can this be addressed properly with Xamarin Forms and iOS in mind?

Everything works using this but I believe it is NOT app store compliant.

Anyone else faced issues with using this service in Xamarin.Forms and getting certified by the Apple App Store, re: browser based logins etc?


I’m facing the same problem, I didn’t fine a solution for this yet…

Hi guys, someone has finally given whit the cause of the problem or how to solve it, I have the same problem, I have spent a lot of time but I do not have an answer

Same problem and concerns here, Android browser history and Apple rejection

Any news on this from Auth0? Maybe @konrad.sopala ?

It would be really nice to be able to use the Lock from Xamarin apps, but the UIX is not really there yet, with using an external browser, browser window left open after login, address bar showing etc.

Hey there!

Unfortunately still nothing… what I would encourage you to do is to create a feedback topic in our feedback category providing all the context: