iOS Unable to save password, browser closes too quickly

  • Auth0.OidcClient.Core Xamarin
  • SDK Version:
  • Platform Version: Xamarin.Forms .net standard 2.0

I have implemented everything on a productive app, but users are complaining they’re unable to save the password because the embedded browser closes too quickly, even if the get asked to save password they’re unable to tap on it.

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To add on top of that, we have the same situation also for Android, in this case is even worse, because the browser redirection is too fast that the users can’t even see the dialog prompting to save credentials.

I fear the only solution here would be having a post successfull login page which can wait for X seconds before redirecting to

Any hint on how to proceed?

any news on this ? would be really nice to let the user save his credentials.

In the end we created post login pages and redirected with actions Redirect with Actions
The post-login page in iOS waits for 3 seconds and continues the flow

Everything is working as expected in iOS, while in android when you save the password the user flow is stopped and chrome requires another user action to go on, so we also needed to add a continue button just for android