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Xamarin iOS app rejected on appstore for using safari auth



Hi, we have implemented auth0 on a xamarin forms app following the example on github.

Unfortunately the app got rejected on the iOS appstore for the following reason: “We noticed that the user is taken to Safari to sign in or register for an account, which provides a poor user experience.”

They say a solution would be:
“We recommend implementing the Safari View Controller API to display web content within your app.”

But I really have no idea to do something like that in Xamarin. Maybe someone has some example how to do this?


:wave: @nigmalab as you mentioned your application may be using a UIWebView, should be using SFSafariViewController I believe, to display the login page which as you experienced Apple will be rejecting apps that are implemented as such. Have you tried the following the OIDC examples and/or the quick-start We also had a recent new blog post about building a Xamarin forms app