Auth0 Oidc client login not working after updating to xamarin forms ios

Using this guide:

I was able to get auth0 implemented and working correctly on both android and iOS. A couple of days ago I decided to update to the latest of Xamarin forms to accommodate the new iOS 13. I updated Auth0.oidc.client to 2.4.2 as well.

Now client.LoginAsync() always return a LogInResult with error, with the description that says “UnknownError”. The app no longer prompt the Webview for user to log in like it did previously. No changes was made to domain or client id, and the code base is still working with the previous release of Xamarin forms and Auth0.oidc.client 2.4.0 (tested on another machine)

Also, this issue only happens on Xamarin forms iOS. Xamarin forms Android is still working correctly.

Has anyone run into this issue or something similar? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Hey there @minhnguyen92!

Yep as you’ve observed yourself it is most possibly impacted by the changes coming in from iOS 13. Could you open an issue in appropriate repo so that the tool maintainers can look at that? Thank you!

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Thanks for the response @konrad.sopala. I have opened an issue at the auth0.oidc.client dotnet repo.

Here is the link to the open issue in case someone ran into this as well:

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Perfect! Thanks a lot for sharing it!