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Xamarin demo not working


I am attempting to upgrade our Xamarin app to use the newer OIDC component, rather than the older “auth0client” component which is being deprecated. As a first step for doing this work, i have downloaded the quickstart demo from here

I created a new client in the auth0 dashboard, configured as a “native” client. I made sure the OIDC Conformed toggle was set to true, and that the JsonWebToken signature algorithm was set to RS256. I replaced the “client id” in the sample project with the one corresponding to the new client I’d created in the dashboard, and i confirmed that the URL was correct.

when I click the “login” button in the app, i am taken to a browser window to login. i login with my normal credentials, and i’m redirected back to the app. but instead of a successful login, i get the error “Missing state” (which i can see on the login result object in the debugger)

Any ideas as to what is causing this error and how it can be resolved? I am running Visual Studio 2017 on Windows 10, using an android 7 phone