Missing and poor documentation

The service is great but documentation is very poor. Some error dialogs dont direct to anywhere. Platform specific code samples are missing etc. Please contribute to the content and in this way the service will be more valuable.

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Hi @ahmeterdogan4,

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Thanks for the feedback, can you please provide example of missing samples and error dialogs so I can create a request with out documentation team?

In the first look these are redirecting to “some went wrong page”…

Currently still I’m trying to understand how to implement the service to my xamarin forms app because there are sample repos for ios and droid on github but the repos aren’t up-to-date version of the Xamarin (not with Xamarin Forms).

In the other hand, almost per social setup guides are same each other. Can you give some “social specific information” in these guides?

If I should set some special settings, i should be able to find it in a blog post. For example, I can’t set the Microsoft and Apple login since 5 hours because there is no guide or blog post in the Auth0.com.

I think people are giving up to use the service because of these reasons.

There is no any info about to obtain the key.


It looks like both of those links are going to the same dead page. Thank you for reporting this! I will let our team know and get it fixed ASAP.

Have you looked at the installation tab on both of these pages? Microsoft Account Integration with Auth0, Apple Integration with Auth0

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