Suspected need for more settings in Facebook

I thought I was done with Facebook Authorization on my Xamarin.Forms app. Been working on several other things. Then very recently I was going back to the app cloned the repository, thought I’d run it once. Right now using an embedded web browser and web calls to facebook it works, but gives me an error, that embedded web browsers are being deprecated. Well I remember I had used Auth0 successfully before but had followed the simpler way.

I seem to have everything setup after looking and copying code from several resources and the "Forms_NS example. I am able to get the to login page with Facebook and googl as choices, when I select Facebook I get an error “App Not Setup.”… I followed the setup or at least what I think all the setup of the Facebook Developer Console, including redirect:

Any ideas or example app I should look at?

Hi @MickCG,

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Is there more to the error?

I just get the following, and since it is a call from your servers, not a lot else?

It looks like you need to add the domain of your application to the App Domains settings in your facebook dev console.

Here is a SO topic that explains what that is.

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