Cloning tenants in the portal


Allow tenants cloning in the portal rather than through API.


This has been requested quite a few times in the past and each time the topic is closed with a reference to an API. When going from the ground up (development → testing → UAT → Production) it would be extremely helpful to clone tenants in the portal and not mess around with the API.

Thanks for creating this feature card! Let’s see how many people will be interested in such improvement as well.

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While this approach looks fair it has a flaw - if your customers have given up on waiting for a portal feature, they’ll do what they need to do and won’t look back at asking again or upvoting. Which is about to happen to me.

API means every customer reinvents their wheel.

Hope you see the point I’m trying to convey.

Yes I totally get it. Thank you for adding the context.

I came into the feedback to make the same post then saw this one. Although, it’s not just between environments that not being able to easily duplicate tenants is a pain… it’s also on similar projects where you want to spin up something quickly. A full export/import type function from the dashboard would also help with ‘cloning’. There is a lot of configuration on a typical project using Auth0, and often in several places… every time I try and ‘clone’ a tenant (either by manually recreating on dashboard, or via API) I end up spending hours trying to find that one thing I missed.

I’ve used Auth0 for years now, on both work projects for an employer and personally… and it’s the biggest issue for me. It’s not just ‘settings’ that need to be copied, it’s structure of projects too (e.g cloning applications/api’s); I often want to use an existing tenant as boilerplate for a similar project.

Obviously it’s complicated, because any keys, unique ids, domains, etc, will need to be changed… but it would be an awesome functionality, and would massively help in many situations. Using the API is a pain, and it’s not always as simple as just ‘copying settings’.


Totally makes sense, I feel you pain and really appreciate that you shared all that context! I’m gonna relay that to appropriate people!