Automation for tenant creation

Feature: Automation for tenant creation.

Description: It would be nice to have any API call to create tenant in auth0.

Use-case: My use case is that we frequently do changes in actions and in our settings using terraform. What we want to do is when someone opens a PR we want to deploy automaticly a tenant with the new code a be able to test the new flow easly.

Currently we have our QA, staging, prod etc… but we are limited because we cannot deploy two versions at the same time :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any smart idea to fix this :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Auth0 Community and thanks for the feature request!

Hi !
Any news about this feature ? We are in the same situation.

@marcolivierbouch Did you find a solution to your problem ?

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Hi ! No I don’t have any news and I don’t have a solution! :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Have you looked into the Deploy CLI Tool?


We have the same issue as the poster - we have looked at the CLI tool, but we still need to manually create a tenant before we can use it.
Having an api call to make a new tenant would help us automate our setups for customers.


thanks for the feedback @meaganh!

We basicly need a global organization where we can create an api key with rights to create tenants.

But thanks Dan for your feedback!


We are interested in this feature very much as well as in ability to set tenant member permissions at a granular level ex: “MFA Reset” only and nothing else.

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Thank you for the added info @katarzyna.gordon