Management API to create a tenant and to install and configure an Extension

I am one of the contributors to the Terraform Provider for Auth0 that allows me to programmatically configure my tenant using the management APIs. I’m developing a solution that could involve creating many Auth0 tenants and it’s absolutely necessary every step can be automated (there is much more in this tenant setup than just Auth0.

  1. There is no API to actually create an Auth0 tenant. There is no method currently to programmatically create a new tenant. If i could do that, it would simplify my setup, however that small task is not insurmountable.

  2. I cannot install an Extension programmatically. The only way to install an Extension is to use the Management UI and click on the Extensions tab and click on it. It looks like Webtask used to have this capability but all access to the APIs is gone and somehow mediated by the Auth0 Management Console UI.

I only want to install the Delegated Admin Extension and specify two of its configuration parameters. Once it’s installed I’m able to configure it’s scripts programmatically. It’s the one link missing in my piece of automation armor.


Hi @yinzara ,

Thanks for contributing to the Auth0 Terraform Provider project!

At this time, there is no support in the Auth0 Management API for automating tenants or extensions, so there’s nothing for Terraform or an Auth0 management SDK to latch on to. We have no plans to add such support within the next three months.

I understand that’s probably not the answer you’re looking to hear, but I want to make sure you’re able to adjust your plans accordingly.

One of the best ways to influence Auth0’s product roadmap is by leaving feedback about your use cases, and how we could it easier for you to succeed with Auth0. If you’re so inclined, I’d love to hear more about what you’re trying to do. Our feedback form is at, we read all of it.


Thanks for engaging in the thread Chip!

As for #1, note that you could consider RPA / Robotic Process Automation for creating a tenant. RPA usually comes into play for scenarios where there is no API available.

Note that this is neither official Auth0 guidance nor officially supported.

But if interested, I did play around with Robot Framework this week (mainly to learn robotframework and was looking for a useful use case) and took this as a test scenario.


@mathiasconradt Thank you so much for the option. May I ask if it’s anyhow feasible to just use robot framework to create multiple tenants and not use other framework like Robocop etc ?

My use case is to just create tenants and rest everything else I want to manage via terraform in auth0 modules and resources. Also if you can shed some light on if via the enterprise support we could have the automation of auth0 tenant possible ?

Appreciate the help ! Thank you.

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