How to Automate the creation of Users in Auth0 tenant

Hi, We use Auth0 for using/managing multiple tenants. We are at a point to manage like 30 + tenants and are we are able to automate the tenant creation so that works. We are now looking to have users under those tenants to be automated as well. So along with the tenants we must be able to automate the users in that tenant.

Can anyone suggest a workflow if they already have some ideas around it ?

Thanks , Appreciate your help.

Hey there!

What do you mean by saing user automation?

Thanks for reply @konrad.sopala . I meant to create users under each tenant , I am currently not seeing a way to create users via cli ? I am looking for a easy way to create users when I create tenants via cli , I can also use APIs and some custom in house tool to create users if that’s the only option , just wondering if anything handy already there to re-use ?

You can automate users creation using our Management API. This endpoint exactly:!/Users/post_users