Cloning Tenants


I’d like to create a new tenant with exactly the same configurations as an existing tenant.
The cloned tenant should include the same applications, rules, hooks, configs, etc (but with different IDs of course).

Is that possible to do it easily?


This might help, though the code has not been touched in a long while. No idea if it still works as is, but I’ve had a similar interest (cloning tenants, reseting tenants, migrating tenant changes from dev to staging to prod, etc.) and was planning to take a closer look at this tool.

Thanks Mark,
So I guess there isn’t any official solution that can be executed through the dashboard.


Hey @edibusl!

Unfortunately it’s not doable via the dashboard. In addition to what was suggested above I recommend also checking out multi-tenancy

From your case description it’s not exactly it but might navigate you somehow to possible solution!

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