Duplicate/copy Tenent settings?


I checked the multi-tenant docs and options and for security reasons, we will create a brand new tenant for each of our clients and we need to do all the settings again manually and 90% of the settings are the same, is that any way we can save all the settings somewhere, so when we create a new tenant we can import all the settings from the existing tenant or something like copy tenant feature?


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Since a tenant is a logically-isolated unit, no other tenant can access the data of another tenant, even though multiple tenants might be running on the same machine.

All data in your Auth0 tenant is always under your control and is available through the management API at any time. The only information which is not available through the API (for security reasons) are the password hashes of your Auth0-hosted database users and private keys.

We have a tool called Auth0 deploy cli that supports the importing and exporting of Auth0 Tenant configuration data. Notice that you have to manually migrate all the data.

We hope the information we shared and this tool is helpful for you.



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