Change password emails going to spam


My “Change Password” emails from Auth0 are going to users’ spam folders. Do you have any idea why this might be?

I am using Auth0 to manage users for an online class. They don’t get verification or welcome emails, since these are unnecessary. They just get a Change Password email when the time is right for them to join the class. The email template has been modified, and you can see the full source here:


:wave: @UltimateWalrus l am going to look into what may cause SPAM-related bounces for users attempting to change their passwords. Are you still experiencing this issue?

Yes, we’re still experiencing this issue. Thanks for looking into it!

@UltimateWalrus is this happening for all your users or just certain ones/just one user ?

If this is still happening, can you let us know if it is for all of your users or just certain ones/just one user?

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Hi there everyone, I just wanted to update this thread with a quick response as there can be multiple reasons why a email is not being received or going to spam folder depending on the environment.

A great first step is to review the your logs to find out all failed attempt by Auth0 to send email by searching the logs with type:“fn” .

If you’re not seeing any failures in the logs but are leveraging a 3rd party service that would be the next place to look and review how the handoff of the email went from there.

In the event your Spam filter is miss categorizing your Auth0 email, I would recommend adding it as a white listed entry.

Please reference more about Auth0 Email Services in our documentation.

As always we are happy to work together on any challenges you’re facing in a new community topic :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you!

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