Change password and verification emails not being delivered (considered spam)

Hi. There is a closed topic with subject " Change password emails going to spam " which looks very similar to what I am experiencing now. It is not all the emails that end up not being delivered, but it started happening regularly within 1-2 weeks.
Its critical for our users. They cant complete signup and those who forgot their passwords, cannot login. It is hurting out business of course.

Here is an example of what my STMP server returns to me (I removed the actual email address)

This message was created automatically by mail delivery software.
A message that you sent has not yet been delivered to one or more of its
recipients after more than 24 hours on the queue on

The message identifier is: 1glz28-000BZJ-0W
The subject of the message is: Reset your password
The date of the message is: Tue, 22 Jan 2019 16:36:15 +0000

The address to which the message has not yet been delivered is:

host xxxxx [1yyyyy]

No action is required on your part. Delivery attempts will continue for
some time, and this warning may be repeated at intervals if the message
remains undelivered. Eventually the mail delivery software will give up,
and when that happens, the message will be returned to you.
Reporting-MTA: dns;

Action: delayed
Final-Recipient: rfc822;xxxxx
(… more stuff…)

Please help!

Hey there!

Terribly sorry for such delay in response! We’re doing our best in providing the best developer support experience out there, but sometimes our bandwidth is just not enough for all the questions that are coming in. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Hi there everyone, I just wanted to update this thread with a quick response as there can be multiple reasons why an email is not being received or going to spam folder depending on the environment.

A great first step is to review the your logs to find out all failed attempts by Auth0 to send an email by searching the logs with type:“fn” .

If you’re not seeing any failures in the logs but are leveraging a 3rd party service that would be the next place to look and review how the handoff of the email went from there.

In the event your Spam filter is miss categorizing your Auth0 email, I would recommend adding it as a whitelisted entry.

Please reference more about Auth0 Email Services in our documentation.

As always we are happy to work together on any challenges you’re facing in a new community topic :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you!