Change Password e-mail template, specify different e-mail addresses in From field

Hi there,

Is it possible to be able to differentiate between e-mail addresses that are specified in the From field?
Currently it’s configured like this:


But we would like to be able to use something like one e-mail address for a certain application and a ‘generic’ one as the fallback.

Just like we did with Subject I’m thinking of something like:

{{ }} {% if application.client_metadata.is_portal == 'true' %}<>{% else %}<>{% endif %}

It seems it’s not working, but perhaps the syntax needs to be a bit different because of the < and > ?


Hi @emiel

Thanks for getting in touch with Auth0 Community.

You can try this technique:

{{ }} {% if user.app_metadata.is_portal == 'true' %} <> {% else %} {% endif %}

I gave this a quick test and seems to work as expected.

Warm regards

Hello @SaqibHussain

Thanks for this. It works indeed.
Just a small comment on your code snippet, the second address does not include the angle brackets which I believe is necessary for the e-mail client to recognize it as the sender’s address.

In any case. It does work. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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