Email Templates From Address Ability to set email and display name dynamically per an organization

Currently in email templates the from email address cannot be set dynamically/via a liquid/metadata tag. However I can set the display name portion of this field dynamically.

We have the use case where we are creating universal email templates to support multiple clients in a single tenant and we would like to brand the from address dynamically to make it appear as though the email is coming from the client. This would have to include the ability to set both the email address and display name in the from field dynamically.

If this could be done at an organization level that would be the ideal approach and provide the most flexibility.

Thanks for sharing that feedback! Let’s see how many people from community will be interested in such addition as well.

ditto, we have sendgrid integrated with authorized domains and have been writing our own login screen due to lack of branding options. organizations was a big step forward, but this is pretty big limitations, we don’t want to be fielding support emails on behalf of our clients

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Thank you for providing +1 to it