Configuring the different From address in Email provider

I have integrated custom email provider in my Auth0 account for the “XYZ” application which uses an from address email field specific to that application. But I have couple of more applications in the Auth0 account for different customers and they want their custom from email address to be sent.

I tried looking into docs and found this URL:

This doc does tells about adding application name but does not inform if I can change the from email address field per application basis.

I also read other custom email provider options like sendGrid: but did not get much idea on this.

Can I get an idea if we can do this (have different from email address for different applications) and if yes how? I am okay if I have to use other custom email providers like SendGrid (if it is not possible with SMTP). Thank you.

Although some degree of customization is possible per application when it comes to emails, as far as I’m aware it’s currently not possible to specify a dynamic from email address.

In particular, although it is possible to use variable while configuring the From address field in the email settings, the variables can only be used to set an optional display name and the actual email address needs to be defined statically.

This would mean that the service would always send a static from address to the configured email provider. With that in mind it could be technically possible for the configured email provider to then override that from address with something else, but that would be out of scope of the Auth0 service and I’m unaware of an easy way to do that for the email providers the service supports.