BUG: Email template "From" field doesn't allow support_email variable, even though it says it does

The “From” field of an email template says that it allows any of the common variables ( https://auth0.com/docs/auth0-email-services/customize-email-templates?&_ga=2.148440887.1469977355.1608061282-867484737.1608061282#common-variables ) which includes support_email, but using it in the “From” field throws the error:

Error! The value {{application.name}} <{{ support_email }}> is not valid for the From field. Possible values: an email address ('support@yourapp.com') or a prefix and an email address between <> ('Your App <support@yourapp.com>')

I’ve tried various combinations of:

  • {{ support_email }}
  • {{ tenant.support_email }}
  • Myapp <{{ support_email }}>
  • Myapp <{{ tenant.support_email}}>

But none work.

Hi @mieubrisse,

I was able to reproduce the behavior you’re seeing. However, I’m not sure if this should be considered a bug or a feature request.

All of the common variables are allowed for the display name but the email address must be a literal value.

I’ll raise this issue internally for review.

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Thanks for that Kevin! Please follow-up on the thread if there is some news to share!

Hi y’all, just following up to see if there’s a fix for this? Given that the tenant has a support_email property on the JSON, it would be very helpful if we could make everything flow dynamically from that, so we don’t need to remember to change this when the support email changes!

Hey there @kstrongholte!

Have you managed to get any update on this one from any of the teams?

Hi @mieubrisse,

Sorry for the delayed response.

It seems that the help text in the Dashboard for the From field needs to be clearer:

“You can include any of the common variables like {{ application.name }}. For example: {{ application.name }} <support@yourcompany.com>.”

What it’s showing is true…

  • Display Name (i.e. Support <support@yourcompany>) can be a dynamic value (e.g. {{ application.name }})
  • Email (i.e. Support <support@yourcompany>) must be a static value

…but it would be helpful if this was specified more thoroughly.

I’ll submit a request to see if we can improve this messaging as well as a feature request to support Liquid variables for the Email value.

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Thanks for handling that Kevin!

Thanks Kevin - supporting Liquid syntax on the email itself would be a huge help!

We got you covered! I guess the faster it will be ready to use the more people advocate for that!