What are the rules for the From field in email templates?

I create users using the API.

I have noticed that if I set the From field in the email template, the confirmation email is not being sent. If I clear it, it does go out. I guess there are some validations before sending the email. What are the requirements?

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Hmm it’s interesting! I just checked our docs and here you have all the details regarding the From field:

In addition this one may be helpful regarding email handling:

Hi Konrad - thank you for your reply.

I managed to get the Tenant name in, but the only email address I can get it to accept, is the account address that I use to send emails on the SMTP server. The documentation states: If you do not configure a From Address for your emails your emails will be sent from the email address of the first owner of your Auth0 account.

That does not seem to be true either.

I would like to specify the support email account of our tenant but if I do nothing is sent. is there a way to get the support email from the tenant instead?

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